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Is There a Proven Way to Grow Sales and Increase Revenues?
If What You Are Doing is Not Working as Well as You Would Like,
there is Another Way?


Selling is simply changing how one thinks about you, your product or your service, so you can sell more. The Sales Academy’s Sales Accelerator Program is a collaborative, integrated, action oriented approach that will teach you how to change the way people think about you, your product or service to help grow sales and increase revenues. Simply put, it puts you back in control of your sales process using proven techniques few people know about.
I have been conducting sales coaching and training with my clients for over 20 years. Every time they brought a problem to me and we solved it, I created a module and made it a part of my sales coaching and training program so I could show others and not reinvent the wheel with each client. That is why it works. It is research based, market tested, and results oriented.
How do you know this training will benefit you? That is a great question and I have created a quick and simple assessment for you. As you answer these questions it will become clear how you will benefit from this material. If you are experiencing these kinds of problems you could benefit from this program.

Use the Promo Code ‘academy’, you’ll get The Sales Academy for just 199!


  1. Too many “Think it over’s” stalls
  2. Unable to handle objection effectively
  3. Poor closing skills – afraid to ask for the order
  4. Has difficulty taking control of the sales process
  5. No measurable, meaningful goals
  6. Takes rejection personally
  7. Can’t get past the gatekeepers
  8. No system for selling
  9. No tracking or measuring of results, behaviors and activities
  10. Asking questions to uncover the budget is and who the real decision makers are
  11. Not understanding the buyer’s buying process
  12. Not getting enough referrals
  13. Can’t get client to make decisions
  14. Presenting bids/proposal without a clear understand of what to do next
  1. Lack of direction/Going through the motions
  2. Has a strong need for approval – overly concerned about what others think
  3. Getting to the decision maker
  4. Having a frank and open discussion about money
  5. Not uncovering the real pain or problem
  6. Continues to chase poor prospects
  7. Uncomfortable calling on top executives
  8. Want to convert more leads into customers by having a better trained sales staff, and more tools for their staff to use.
  9. Want current customers to buy more often.
  10. Want to increase their average dollar sale to their current customers.
  11. Want to improve their profit
  12. They want to spend less time at work and more time with their family.
  13. They wanted a plan to implement the above, and they wanted to IMPLEMENT the Plan – every day.
  14. No one to hold you accountable

Here is a testimonial from Mike Lemmeyer, General Manager, KGuard, who used this material to increase his closing rate and get multiple promotions, from a sales representative, to sales manager, to general manager.

What’s different is that we put the entire program on line and we did this using small bite-sized chunks, to make learning easy. Each module is designed to be between 5-15 minutes. We realized time is at a premium and we want to help you use your time most effectively. We wanted to make it easier for you to review the material before a call.

Here is what you can expect to learn in this program …


  1. Introduction
    • What You Can Expect
    • Understanding the Sales Process (we actually give you the one we use)
    • What You Need to do to be a Success
    • The Players Involved in the Sales Process
    • How to Prepare for a Sales Call
  2. Goal Setting
    • Common Reasons Goals Fail
    • Why We Need Goals
    • What Holds Us Back
    • SMUAT Goals & How They Work
    • Setting Your Sales Goals
    • Tracking Your Results
  3. Understanding a Buyer’s Behavioral Style
    • Why Does a Person Buy?
    • What Does the Customer Want?
    • The Four Styles
    • Getting to Know the Four Styles
    • How to Improve the Quality of Your Communications
    • Leaving a Voice Mail by Style
    • How to Build Effective Relationships
  4. General Selling Strategies by Style
  5. Communicating Your Value – Six Questions Your Prospects Wants to be Answered Before They Buy
  6. Problems with Communications and How to Eliminate Them
  7. Implementing Behaviors of Successful Sales Representatives
  8. Creating a Referral Process That Works
  9. Quickly and easily Building Rapport and Trust with most anyone
  10. Selling the Way Others Want to Buy
  11. Questions to Ask to Uncover and Define Pain
  12. Common Closing strategies / Handling objection
  13. Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation
  14. Time Management for Sales Professionals
Here is the best part! Being in sales is about building an effective and productive relationship. You can use this material from 9-5, but you won’t. It will become a way of life. When you master this material, you will use it to build effective relationships with your significant others, children, parents and other important people in your life.
I can say that because I have used this material in my personal life to build great relationships with my wife and children. After I had proved that it worked, I moved it into my coaching program and I started teaching this material to my clients. I believe, when you apply what you learn, your sales will grow and your relationship improve.

Use the promo code academy, you’ll get The Sales Academy for just 199!

Here is what Tim has to say after completing the program.

You have been patient. Now I will tell you the price. But, before I do you need to understand this is an introductory price only. I like to reward people who act. When you sign up today you will receive 60% off the list price $499. This is not a marketing pitch. When I hit my numbers the price will rise to $499.

My clients paid $5000 – $10000 thousands of dollars to work with me.

As an early adopter, you can invest in yourself, not $5000, not $997,  it is just $495 for the first 20 people who sign up today.

And, when you use the promo code academy, you’ll get The Sales Academy for just 199!

In additiion to the material we discussed above, you will receive access to members only Facebook page where you can post questions and get feedback from everyone in the group. It is sharing of best practices amoung Sales Acedemy members!
Want more? In addition to everything we mentioned, you can dial into weekly calls where you can Ask the Expert. The idea here is to knock down the obstacles that are holding you back.
For the first 20 members, I will work with you for 30 minutes, two times a month for only $300. You can cancel anytime and still maintain your membership in the Sales Academy, Sales Accelerator program. The intent is clear obstacles, hold you accountable and provide access to personalized coaching. Make no mistake, this is well below my normal rate.

Here is Liz.

Why am I doing this? I want you to experience the same success as Mike and Tim above. The personal time we spent together helped them get focused, do the accountabilities and take action.

  • Introduction to The Sales Academy  0/6

    • Introduction
    • Introduction Quiz
    • Sales Process
    • Sales Process Quiz
    • Prepare For Success
    • Prepare For Success
  • Promise Setting Process  0/12

    • Introduction
    • Why Goals Fail
    • Why We Need Goals
    • Goal Setting Quiz
    • What Holds Us Back
    • What Holds Us Back Quiz
    • Setting SMAUT Goals
    • Setting SMAUT Goals Quiz
    • Promise Setting Process
    • Setting Promises Quiz
    • Tracking Your Goals
    • Accountability Quiz
  • DISC  0/18

    • Why DISC
    • DISC Quiz
    • Introduction to DISC
    • Introduction to Four Styles
    • Getting to know your Driver
    • Understanding Drivers
    • Getting to Know The Influencers
    • Getting to know Influencers
    • Getting to Know the Steady
    • Getting to know the Steady
    • Getting to know Conscientious
    • Getting to know the Conscientious
    • Improving Communications
    • Improving Communication
    • Leaving a VM
    • Leaving a Voicemail
    • Effective Relationship Strategies
    • How to Build Effective Relationships
  • Module 04  0/5

    • Module 04 01
    • Generalized Selling Strategies
    • Module 04 02
    • Module 04 3
    • How Decisions are made
  • Module 05  0/10

    • Module 05 01
    • Communicating your value
    • Module 05 02 Questions 1 and 2
    • What do you do and why is it important
    • Module 05 03 Right and safe choice
    • Why you are the right and safe choice
    • Module 05 04 Questions 4 & 5
    • Module 05 05 prove it
    • Module 05 06 Id your ideal customer
    • Why is your uniqueness important
  • Module 06  0/14

    • Module 06 01 Introduction to Effective Communication
    • Effective Communication
    • Module 06 02 Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Communications
    • Contribution to Effective Communication
    • Module 06 03 Assertiveness Techniques
    • Assertive Techniques – Dealing with Difficult People
    • Module 06 04 Effective Communications Dealing with Drivers
    • Effective Communications – Dealing with Drives
    • Module 06 05 Effective Communications Dealing With Influencers
    • Effective Communications – Dealing with Influencers
    • Module 06 06 Effective Communications Dealing With the Steady
    • Effective communications – Dealing with the Conscientious
    • Module 06 07 Effective Communications Dealing With the Conscientious
    • Effective Communications – Dealing with Steady’s
  • Module 07  0/20

    • Module 07 01 Introduction to Success Behaviors
    • 07 01 Overview of Success Behaviors
    • Module 07 02 Ownership
    • 07 02 Ownership
    • Module 07 03 Enlightened Self-Interest
    • 07 03 Enlightened Self-Interest (ESI)
    • Module 07 04 Taking Action
    • 07 04 Taking Action
    • Module 07 05 Results
    • 07 05 Results
    • Module 07 06 Focus
    • 07 06 Focus
    • Module 07 07 Managing Ideas
    • 07 07 Ideas
    • Module 07 08 Persistence
    • 07 08 Persistence
    • Module 07 09 Discipline
    • 07 09 Discipline
    • Module 07 10 People (Sales Side of 9 Success Behaviors)
    • 07 10 People

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