Is What You’re doing is not working?

Do you want a research-base, marketed tested, results-oriented program that works to GROW SALES?


The Sales Academy’s Sales Accelerator Program is an action-oriented approach to help you become more successful by growing sales and increase revenues. Simply put, it puts you back in control of your sales process using proven techniques few people know about.

I have been a sales coach for over 20 years. Every time my client brought me a problem, and we solved it, I created a module too address that specific problem and made it a part of my regular sales coaching and training program. That is why it works. It is research based, market tested, and results oriented.

Each module is designed to be between 5-15 minutes in length. Because we know time is a premium, these hard-hitting modules are designed to provide actions you can use immediately. We want to help you use your time most effectively.

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Here is what the highlights of what you can expect in this program.


Module 1 – Introduction

What you can expect
Understanding the sales process (we actual give you the one we use)
What you need to do to be success
The player involved in the sales process
How to prepare for a sales call

Module 2- Goal Setting

Common Reasons Goals Fail

Why we Need Goals

What Holds Us Back

SMUAT Goals and Promises

Setting your Sales Goals

Tracking your Results


Module 3 – Understanding the Buyer’s Style

Why people buy?

What Does the Customer Want?

Four Core Styles

Getting to Know the Four Styles

Improving the Quality of your Communications

Leaving a Voice Mail by Style

How to Build Effective Relationships


Module 4- General Selling Strategies by Behavioral Style


Module 5- Communicating Your Value – Six Questions a Your Prospects Wants to be Answered Before They Buy


Module 6 – Problems with Communications

Four Principles of Effective Communication

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Inventory

Identify and Build on Communication Style

Assertive Communication

Essential Communication Skills


Module 7 – Implementing Behaviors of Successful Sales Representatives


Module 8 – Creating a Referral Process That Works


Module 9 – Quickly and easily Build Rapport and Trust with Most Anyone


Module 10 – Selling the Way Others Want to Buy


Module 11 – Questions to Ask to Uncover and Define Pain


Module 12 – Common Closing strategies / Handling Objections


Module 13 – Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation


Module 14 – Time Management for Sales Professionals


Q & A – regularly scheduled calls will be held to answer any question you have.


Access to a FB page for client only where you

can ask questions of other.


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Here is the best part! Being in sales is about building effective and productive relationship. You won’t use this material from 9-5. You can use it with family, friends, business associate as well as clients. It is a way of life.


I can say that because I have used this material in my personal life to build a great relationship with my wife and children. After I had proved that it worked, I moved it into my coaching program and I started teaching this material to my clients. I believe, when you apply what you learn, your sales will grow and your relationship improve.


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